Leading Women Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

"Success is contagious. I have found that one of the greatest things that I can do with my platform is to merge different circles, to bring together powerful and successful people of varied backgrounds and strengths to interact and perform together. Together, we are better."

- Karolina

Winner of  2016's Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs of New Jersey, Karolina Dehnhard believes women are the true architects of change. She believes that through collaborating, empowering and advocating for women she can assist other women in reaching their ultimate potentials by forging new progressive paths to growth. Her strategic partnership with Leading Women Entrepreneurs provides her with high profile exposure which allows Karolina to reach top community business leaders, corporations and families through ongoing promotional opportunities. She is building long-term relationships with some of the most powerful women in the country.

Working with her strong business acumen and her ability to both influence and inspire change within her industry, Karolina is making waves for enterprising women. Her tremendous accomplishments are representative of the increasing impact women are making in the world of business. Karolina is continuing to write her own rules.  

Let’s invest in the success of each other!

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