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Speaking Engagements

"Through her own story, experience as a matrimonial attorney, and someone who keeps a watchful eye on politics; Karolina Dehnhard Inspires, Explains, Connects and Empowers her audience."

A popular and engaging speaker, Karolina regularly presents on the topic,  “A Smart Women Knows How to Protect her Ass(ets),” educating hundreds of women on their rights and the impact their financial decisions can have on their businesses and their lives. It is common for women in the throes of divorce to become overwhelmed with the process, as they juggle all areas of their lives in an attempt to pick up the pieces and start anew. They need a means to build confidence; to understand the law; to get back on their feet and rebuild a new life filled with endless possibilities.  It is essential to have a team of vetted professionals and supporters involved in the process. 


In addition, Karolina routinely presents to companies, corporate sponsorships, universities and other venues to address how divorce affects both men and women. Audience members are often surprised to learn how the "other sex" views and experiences life's "Three D's," Death, Disability, and Divorce.  Karolina’s presentations are a great fit for any type of audience looking to understand the law and prepare to “turn the page” to a new chapter.


Events & Public Speaking Coordinator

Phone: 973-309-4473

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